MOST of US® Positive Community Norms Campaign
Our message campaigns are designed to increase awareness and correct misperceived norms around youth alcohol and drug use to support broader efforts at reducing rates of underage substance use on Mercer Island. While underage substance abuse is always a problem, the more youth who know that most of their peers are making healthy choices and not using alcohol and drugs the more likely they are to not do it themselves. 

Look for our messages on sandwich boards, in MI Parks, posted in local businesses and at Islander Middle School and Mercer Island High School. Messages are based on 2013 survey results from the MOST of US® Youth Survey.

The answers to underage substance abuse lie in our community--so let's all understand that  the actual norm on Mercer Island is that the majority of youth and parents make healthy choices about drugs and alcohol. 

MOST Of Us 2013 Key Findings Report: 

Cafe Conversations
Cafe conversations are part of a community-wide dialogue on the serious issue of underage drinking on Mercer Island.  MICTC supports this dialogue among parents to help foster an additional sense of connection within the MI parent community, as well as to hear feedback from parents on the topic.  Ongoing conversations will shed light on the issue and contribute to a collective community response.   

Volunteers and coalition members cohost Conversations in their homes with 5-15 other adults.  This is an opportunity to meet other parents in a small group setting and hear their ideas about parenting kids to make healthy choices and avoid the pitfalls caused by substance abuse.  

Our Efforts
Communities that Care, Mercer Island, Washington 98040
Drug Prevention Counselors
MICTC is very proud to support the two MIYFS school-based drug and alochol prevention and intervention staff in the Mercer Island School District. Chris Harnish is located at Mercer Island High School and Tambi Cork is at Islander Middle School. 

MICTC staff routinely present information to various parent and community groups.  Look in school or CTC newsletters for the dates!

Click here to see our short film produced Spring 2013: Marijuana & Teens After I-502 Mixed Messages?