Communities that Care (CTC) is a coalition of Mercer Island parents, youth, treatment professionals, faith community member, business people, and health care providers focused on preventing underage drug and alcohol use and abuse.

Why are we concerned?
Many youth on Mercer Island are high achievers which can serve to hide their drinking and drug use. We know underage substance abuse puts kids at greater risk for sexual assault, unprotected sex, motor vehicle accidents, school underperformance and creates lasting changes to developing brains. Though not all young people who travel this path will experience the same outcomes, it is clear that underage drug and alcohol use is a problem, not only for the user and her/his family, but for our Island community as a whole.
What are we doing about it?
The good news is that past 30 day alcohol use rates among high school students, once significantly higher than state average for 10th and 12th graders, is now at its lowest rate since 2000. Our Coalition is working to mobilize a community-wide response to a community-wide issue. Mercer Island is already a great place to raise children. We want to tap into this unique spirit and energy of the Island to help support a lasting reduction in rates of underage alcohol and drug use. Together we are educating ourselves, building collaborations, correcting youth and parent misperceptions about "normal" substance use among youth, and supporting a culture of health. We hope to contribute to a new chapter in Mercer Island's story that includes high-achieving youth who are reaching their full potential by not chosing to use drugs and alcohol.

CTC is a project of the City of Mercer 
Island's Youth and Family Services Department.
About CTC

If you would like to join our efforts or have questions, please contact us.

Tambi Cork
Youth Development Coordinator

Derek Franklin
Project Director
What can you do? 
Please take a moment and search our site for information for youth, parents and ways to get involved.  
Communities that Care, Mercer Island, Washington 98040