Social Norms Marketing Campaigns
Our poster campaigns are designed to increase awareness and correct misperceived norms around youth alcohol and drug use. We always need help putting up our messages in Mercer Island Parks, businesses, and schools.

Web Hosting
If you are technologically savvy, we would love some help updating our website!

Graphic Design
MICTC is always looking for fresh poster design ideas and more people to help!

CTC Newsletter
Enjoy writing articles and interested in supporting CTC's mission? CTC welcomes collaboration on its quarterly newsletters and other communications.
Get Involved
Communities that Care, Mercer Island, Washington 98040
Please contact
Tambi Cork
(206) 275-7755
Want to get involved now?
Mercer Island Communities That Care Coalition (MICTC) is looking for volunteers to help reduce the harm caused by underage drinking and drug use on Mercer Island. We have a number of projects that could use your help!
Youth Leadership Opportunities:
Youth interested in leadership opportunities with Mercer Island CTC can contact Derek Franklin, Project Director, at (206) 275-7745